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Объем торгов$444,152
LG Electronics Launches New NFT Marketplace ‘LG Art Labs’
The electronics giant has launched its own NFT marketplace—the second South Korean television manufacturing titan to do so this year.
DeFi-проект Injective Protocol привлек $40 млн от Алана Ховарда и Jump Crypto

CEO Titanium Blockchain признал себя виновным в мошенничестве на $21 млн
РБК Крипто
Генеральный директор криптоплатформы тратил средства инвесторов, полученные в ходе ICO токена BAR, на оплату кредитов и аренду кондоминиума на Гавайах
Titanium Blockchain CEO Pleads Guilty to Securities Fraud
Michael Stollery faces up to 20 years behind bars for selling BARs in an alleged ICO scam.
USDD upgrades into the first over-collateralized decentralized Stablecoin
Citadel CEO Ken Griffin Didn’t Want to ‘Help Fund the North Koreans’ by Entering Crypto
The Wall Street titan used to refer to crypto as “a jihadist call” against the U.S. dollar. His tone has changed, but he’s still reticent.